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billy hugs inc
Based in Los Angeles, CA

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April 9th, 2013


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Starlight Acres is a Terraforming-Farming game for iPhone and iPad. In Starlight Acres, the player has to take care of a herd of animals that find themselves on a planet they are not used to. By utilizing base building, farming, altering the environment, and genetic modification, the player must change the planet to match the animals' needs so that they can survive and reproduce. Starlight Acres is a calm and friendly resource management game based on actual Terraforming science (gamified and sped up of course).


Real-estate on Earth gets more and more valuable every day, but a multinational company called Globofarmitech Conglomerate has finally come up with a solution. Take all the endangered animals on earth (that are taking up so much space), stuff em in a rocket, and shoot them into space. Specifically they're sent to other planets that are close (or close enough) to the enviromental needs of the animals. It is your job to make any changes to the planet so that the animals can survive and reproduce to a stable population. The game follows you through 10 planets of increasing difficulty in terraforming for the animals' needs.


  • A dynamic planet ecosystem that you manipulate and view the transformation of.
  • Base building and resource management.
  • Randomly generated planets.
  • 10 different levels of 10 different species, each with different needs and challenges.
  • Over a dozen plant species based on real-life pioneer organisms used in terraforming.
  • A genetic modification system for the plants and animals, where genes are socketed in and out to control traits.
  • Charming and friendly visuals and soundtrack for a gleeful relaxing farming experience.


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